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Our Website & Marketing Services

Thinglet Software & Marketing provides a wide range of web related services to suit the needs of our varied client base. We offer everything from custom website design and development to comprehensive social media marketing plans and more.

Social Media Services

Thinglet Software & Marketing offers a series of Social Media Marketing plans to brand your business online. We are a one-stop shop when it comes to cultivating your presence on the web and helping you engage with your client base through new and established social platforms including Facebook, Yelp, Instagram, Twitter and more. Whether you need help with the initial set-up of your social media accounts, or just want someone to maintain your weekly posts and ensure your business remains active, Thinglet can provide the assistance you need. View our Social Media Packages

Web Development

At Thinglet Software & Marketing, we are committed to developing your website the "right way" and ensuring compatibility across a wide range of platforms, screen sizes, and devices. With the widespread use of tablets and smart phones, more people than ever are accessing the web on-the-go. With these new technologies come new challenges for website owners; namely that your website needs to be able to flex and remain easily readable no matter how someone chooses to view your website. As new technologies emerge, web standards are constantly evolving. Our developers keep up on all the latest changes to give your business' online presence the edge over the competition!


Many of our websites are built on the WordPress platform. WordPress gives our clients easy access to update most of the text and images on their website without requiring them to have a degree in understanding HTML, CSS, or other complex coding languages. Once our development team has set up the structure and created your custom design, most of the site's content will be editable through WordPress' Admin Panel. The Admin Panel gives our clients back-end access to their website through a CMS (Content Management System) that is both user-friendly and intuitive.

While WordPress was initially developed as a simple blogging platform, the open source system has evolved over the years to be a completely customizable web solution that can be used for almost any business or purpose.


In addition to our WordPress websites, we also offer custom coding solutions in straight HTML5 and CSS3. Hand-coding custom website solutions allows for greater control over the site's content, and ensures the code itself is written as concisely as possible -- one of the factors search engines look at when ranking your website's relevance.