Socialize’s Speed Coding Contest for $2,500

Posted by on Sep 2, 2011 in News | 0 comments

Thinglet Software took part in a speed coding competition yesterday, hosted by Socialize, who was awarding $2,500 to the developer that could capture on video the fastest implementation of the Socialize API; the competition was open to both Android and iOS developers.

Bryan Gutierrez and myself both participated in the contest: Bryan had the two fastest speeds at close of business day at one minute (Socialize stopped updating their leaderboard at this point.) but was ousted shortly after we left the office. I hopped on at home, grabbed the SDK and docs, and started hacking away; eventually, I submitted two videos, one at 0:52 and one at 0:48.

After waiting for the results, competitors were sideswiped by the grand prize winner, Connor Duggan of Supreme Heaven, a digital agency operating in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Much congratulations to Connor, enjoy your big fat check, buddy!

For those interested, here are Bryan and my good ol’ college tries:

Bryan Gutierrez (1:00)

Nuri Hodges (0:48)