Slaying The Android Fragmentation Dragon

Posted by on Jul 16, 2012 in Android | 0 comments

Most Android developers are well aware of the daunting challenge of the fragmented device pool that comes with the mobile OS’s ecosystem; if you’re not, hopefully this post will prepare you for the uphill battle you will undoubtedly face. The Android smorgasbord gives way to tiny variations in both software and hardware that can cause trivial or major disparities within the same application on different devices. Here’s a couple of companies that are trying to be a shining beacon in the darkness by solving this pain point:

  • Apkudo
    See your app run on every Android device. Free.


  • Apphance
    Making mobile testing efficient. Apphance your mobile test process.


  • Applover
    Testing Android apps is a PAIN. Applover takes that great pain away with their testing platform.


  • AppThwack
    Upload your app. Automatically run it on real devices. Get results. Fix bugs.


  • Testdroid
    Automated testing tool for Android. “The best automated tests for Android applications.”


  • The Beta Family
    Get semi-automated feedback from REAL users with The Beta Family.

    The Beta Family