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Thinglet Software is the premier mobile and web development consultancy in the Coachella Valley.

Need a web site?

Choosing to establish an online identity is a valuable investment in your business, and it’s very important to make the right decisions. Effective design and user experience can drastically increase your brand’s visibility.

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Searching for a web  hosting provider? Unbiased reviews of iPage explains the pros and cons of this web host.

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We build and fix things on the web.

Is your website in desperately lacking a little bit of TLC?

We love solving problems, big and small. Be it content updates, fixing broken elements and scripts, integrating social networks, or something else entirely: we’re available for any task. Let us know how we can help with your web site or application!

Have you adopted an ancient, unmaintainable code base?

When it comes to web applications, we’re both time travelers and open heart surgeons. Let us pull your behemoth out of the past, so you can let your business jump into the future.

Need a custom mobile or web application?

Whether your business goals require a private, interally-facing company utility or a public, customer accessible portal — we’ll help you accomplish them by crafting a custom solution, that works.

We’re masters of Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress.

Using scalable, open source technologies, we’ll set your business’ website up the right way: from custom extension and theme development to cloud backup of your site’s database and installation!

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